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Raphael Gellar

Co-Founder & Executive Director 

Raphael Gellar spent nearly a decade as an internationally syndicated multimedia football journalist. His work appeared in publications like The BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, FourFourTwo, AFP and many other media outlets. Since entering the football consultancy world, Raphael and his partners have helped broker millions of dollars worth of contracts for coaches and players.

Raphael’s experience covering football has yielded an expert level of knowledge in the wage rates and skill levels of players in all leagues, ranging to the likes of the Latvian Premier League. ‘Rafa’ can often be found spending his weekends watching as much lower division/obscure league football as he can find.

Daniel Abrahams

Co-Founder & Non Executive Director

Daniel Abrahams is an Anglo-Israeli serial entrepreneur. He is a pioneer in the FinTech industry, where he currently serves as the CEO of, a global payments marketplace with 2,500 clients in 20 + countries. The company historically became the  first official ‘‘global payments partner’’ of Leeds United, where his skills were honed in combining entrepreneurship with the business of sport. Daniel also has extensive experience in the Real Estate & Food Delivery sector, where he co-founded and successfully exited FoodStars, the UK’s leading commercial kitchen provider to ambitious food businesses.


Daniel graduated with 1st class honours in International Management from the University of Manchester. In his spare time, Daniel loves travelling the world, mentoring founders, spending time with his family and getting to West Ham United FC on trips back to London.

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